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Generic Zyban
Generic Zyban (Generic Bupropion) is a medication used to help people to quit smoking. It stops the smoking by reducing the urge of smoking. It is nicotine-free drug used to quit the smoking among the individuals who have failed to quit smoking from other methods. Zyban when used with motivational support techniques and counseling shows the result in less duration. It contains Bupropion that reduces both the desire and the pleasurable effects of smoking that makes you addicted to smoking
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Generic Zyban is the nicotine antagonist that decrease the urge to smoke and decrease nicotine cravings. This pill used in combination with the motivational support techniques help to quit smoking in less duration. Generic Bupropion makes the smoking cessation possible in those people who have failed to quit smoking by other methods. Thus, Generic Zyban is called as best antismoking drug. It works by reducing the symptoms like restlessness, anxiety, irritation, hunger, unconsciousness, and difficulty in concentrating caused by stopping smoking. Buy it online today at lowest prices with us


The prescription dosage of Generic Zyban is 150 mg 2 times in a day. This dose is recommended during the initial days. The dosage is increased 2 doses of 150 mg in a day after a week if no side effects are observed. Thus, dosage of this drug should be given in a stepwise manner to the patient, so that his body gets use to dosage. It should be taken with full glass of water. It can be taken after food or at an empty stomach. Do not chew, break, or crush the this tablets, swallow them as whole. Take this pill with the doctor's advice. Quit smoking easily with this online pills

Side efects

Bupropion side effects that can be brutal and may cause serious harm to your health are mentioned below: Convulsions; Difficulty breathing or swallowing; Fast pulsation or irregular heartbeat; Feeling of harming yourself (suicidal feeling); Chest pain; Swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs; Please seek the medical attention immediately if you see any of these Generic Zyban side effects. Discontinue the dosage immediately. Generic Bupropion side effects that are commonly observed are fever, perplexity, hallucination, irrational fears, itching, hoarseness, irrational fears, rash or blisters, muscle or joint pain, too much sweating, uncontrollable shivering of a body parts, nausea, constipation, vomiting, weight loss, excitement, headache, dry mouth, dizziness, and drowsiness


Breast-feeding women should avoid generic Bupropion, because it passes through breast milk from mother to child and affects a nursing infant. Sometimes side effects can be severe so nursing mothers should note take it. Women who are pregnant must avoid it, because the unborn baby can be harmed by the dosage of Generic Zyban. Please take the doctor's advice regarding the intake, if you get pregnant. Individuals suffering from the seizures or having the history of seizures should avoid it, because seizures are triggered by this dosage. People having the history of diabetes, heart disorders (specifically related to the unusual heartbeat), liver disorders, kidney disorders, or central nervous system tumors should consult the doctor regarding the dosage. Soon after taking the dosage don't drive or operate dangerous machinery because it causes drowsiness and dizziness. Elderly patients can take it but strictly according to the instructions mentioned by the doctor. Please consult the doctor regarding the dosage of Generic Zyban if you have or previously suffered from the bleeding disorders

Drug Interactions

It may bring in some serious problems, so it's better to know everything about it before taking the dosage. Patients may show major depressive disorder, and they should be paid more attention while taking this pill. Because the use of generic Bupropion is associated with a dose-dependent risk of seizures, clinicians should not prescribe Generic Zyban doses over 300 mg/day for smoking cessation. Intake of this dosage should be avoided by children and adolescents below the age of 18 because the effect of it on children and adolescents below 18 years of not yet established. People having the family history of mental disorders or suicides should consult the doctor before starting the dosage of quit smoking pill. Do not take this drug if you have taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) like isocarboxazid, phenelzine, tranylcypromine, pargyline, selegiline, furazolidone. Excessive intake of caffeine in combination with this pill increases the chance of seizures. Please discuss with your doctor regarding the intake if you are taking any medicines including caffeine.


If overdose is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately.

Missed Dosage

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Store at room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C) away from light and moisture

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